Our Trusted Data Solutions allows clients and agency partners to employ a unique set of offerings that allow for a more targeted approach to meeting campaign objectives.

What Makes our Data Unique?

Our proactive approach to data starts from creating the right content and environment. We gather insights from how our customers consume our content and are able to identify targeted sets of user behaviors and demographics who have distinct purchasing habits.

Here’s more on what makes our audience and data solutions unique:

Our Consumers are Active Participants:

Our content inspires action at the crucial moments when consumers are inspired to make purchase decisions.

They are Seekers:

A majority of our traffic comes from search, giving us insight into what consumers want in the moment

We are Brand Safe & Evergreen:

Our content is tied to helping consumers with everyday solutions

The Power of
Trusted Data Solutions

After building custom audience segments, we leverage data listening tools to identify thoughtful adjacencies to content that has like-minded characteristics to the seed segment. Through this process, we can discover relevant audiences, drive awareness and engagement for a client’s campaign.

Simply Put:

Data + insights + contextually relevant content
= stronger advertiser connections

Trusted Data Solutions Capabilities

Audience Extension

Contextual Segmentation

2P Segment Ingestion

Custom First and Third Party Data Audience Segments

Data Pass-Back Opportunities

Look-Alike Modeling

For a full list of capabilities download the below

Trusted Data Solutions Data Grid