Trusted Media Brand’s Programmatic Marketplace Solutions allow agency trade desks, advertisers, DSPs, and agencies to access best-in-class inventory across an array of platforms and formats.

Here’s what makes Trusted Media Brands Programmatic Marketplace unique:

Our site traffic is 100% organic

Our content is expertly curated

Viewability and ad quality are always of paramount importance

Brand safety comes first—we offer brand safety guarantees

We pair industry leading ad serving technology, proprietary data solutions, award winning creative design and top-notch content with transparent white glove customer service to thoughtfully guide and educate our partners towards maximum results

Trusted Media Brand’s Programmatic Marketplace Solutions are designed to align with a client’s unique bidding strategy while offering a range of data, supply, transactional options and creative solutions, all designed to maximize reach and ROAS.

For digital products that can be transacted programmatically, see below

Programmatic Product Grid