Special Edition Keepsake Magazine Reflects on American Life While the Boys Were Abroad

NEW YORK, NY – June 2, 2014 –  Seventy-five years after the start of World War II, Reader’s Digest presents theWorld War II Special Edition bookazine, a moving portrait of Americans and their beloved country during wartime. From iconic images to inspiring stories of sacrifice and survival, Reader’s Digest has gone beyond the battlefield to capture the stories of individual heartaches, personal triumphs and heroes who kept the country safe, featuring exclusive interviews with experts, historians, the veterans and their wives, sons and daughters.
“More than any event in the last century, World War II shaped the country and the American family into what it is today. The war effort brought women to the workforce, championed American manufacturing and spawned the Greatest Generation,” said Executive Editor Jeff Ashworth. “The personal letters, breathtaking photos and exclusive, first-person narratives from this time fill the pages of the Reader’s Digest World War II Special Edition¸ making for an incredible collection of the hundreds of moving stories.”
This special issue is split into three parts: America Unites, detailing how the country came together after Pearl Harbor shook the nation; Life on the Home Front, showing how the war changed the way Americans worked, dressed and fell in love; and Coming Home, showcasing how the victory shifted the country from booming bombs to the baby booms.
Magazine highlights include:
–          Letters from Basic: A young soldier’s messages to his family back home
–          Women At Work: A photo book saluting the real-life Rosies, which includes the women of Oak Ridge, Tennessee who worked in secret to build the Atomic Bomb
–          Hollywood Joins the Fight: Both at home and overseas, the country’s celebrities helped pull America through the conflict
–          Love & War: Letters, photos and remembrances prove love was in full bloom even as the country was at war
The Reader’s Digest World War II Special Edition is a keepsake issue, featuring perfect-bound, high-quality glossy pages. It is available at AmazonRDStore.com and on newsstands now through July 20.

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