Nick Grzechowiak - TMB
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Nick Grzechowiak

Nick Grzechowiak

Chief Content Officer, Family Handyman & Construction Pro Tips,
Trusted Media Brands Inc.

Nick Grzechowiak is the Chief Content Officer of Family Handyman, the #1 trusted source for DIY home-improvement content and Construction Pro Tips, the go-to-source for building industry professionals. Family Handyman and Construction Pro Tips are part of the Trusted Media Brands network, a media and direct marketing company that connects with more than 62 million unduplicated consumers across industry-leading brands that also include Taste of Home and Reader’s Digest.


Before coming to Trusted Media Brands, Grzechowiak spent four years at Revo Brand Group as Executive Creative Director and VP of Digital Strategy & Engagement.


Prior to Revo Brand Group, Grzechowiak conceived the website, 50 Campfires, the authority on car camping in North America and ran it for over five years.


Grzechowiak’s former roles also include VP of Digital Strategy for the agency Primer 180, where he managed a digital marketing team focused on strategy and tactics for content marketing and social media on behalf of clients.


He lives in Minnetonka, MN and is married with two children.