A celebration of mistakes, missteps and mayhem, FailArmy encourages people to laugh at life's imperfections. After all, it's through failure that we learn, grow and thrive.

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Behind every success is a big pile of fails. Since 2011, FailArmy has been discovering and curating the funniest, most outrageous fail videos on the internet and delivering them to its audience in the hopes of brightening their day.


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Watching lighthearted fails and big ideas go hilariously wrong never gets old.


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A social following of this magnitude underscores the power of laughter to unite.


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Leveraging the growing might of video to connect with audiences, our content receives massive monthly exposure.

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FailArmy is the ultimate reflection of authentic content generated by a loyal and growing fanbase. With more than 10,000 videos submitted annually, it has rapidly become a global comedy brand that celebrates its engaged and enthusiastic community by publishing its hilarious content and urging viewers to see the power in trying new things and enjoying a good laugh. And that laughter is not at someone's expense — but a reaction to the way they boldly and unapologetically live their lives.

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