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With a collection of free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels that we own and operate, TMB is among the most-watched FAST programmers in the world. Distributed on dozens of leading streaming TV platforms around the globe, our channels entertain millions on a daily basis.

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Our content entertains and engages more than 250 million followers across social channels, from YouTube and Facebook to TikTok and Snapchat. Our social media accounts generate a staggering 2.5 billion monthly social video views.

Owned & Operated Websites

TMB’s websites receive more than 100 million monthly visits as our network of properties satisfies various curiosities and helps our visitors build skills related to their favorite pastimes.

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Consumer Products

Trusted Media Brands uses its data insights to package owned content assets into a wide variety of products designed to enrich our consumers’ lives.

License user-generated content to boost your brand’s trust and authenticity. We perform licensing and clearance services for the world’s top brands, agencies, TV producers and publishers. We have the videos and the expertise to ensure your next project can harness the power of UGC and other footage safely and effectively. Choose from our library or use our trained professionals to source, clear and license footage from across the web.

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Native Content

Delivering authentic and custom experiences that prioritize both advertising performance and unique brand stories.

Custom Print

Immersing brands in the world of print in the form of magazines, books, newsletters and more.

Digital Branded Content

Curated branded experiences geared for digital placements including original blogs and social content, videos and visuals for websites.

Audience Development

Strategized and targeted growth of your ideal audience through SEO, email marketing and detailed insights and analytics.

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Insights Lab

We founded the Insights Lab to make the most out of the broad and insightful data at our disposal through our multi-million strong consumer base that spans generations and life stages. From first-party digital and social analytics to custom consumer studies and content consumption, we believe in the power that this data can give us in identifying trends and delivering breakthrough insights on American life in a time of rapid change.

Home-Basing Insights Volume 1

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Home-Basing Insights Volume 2

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Home-Basing Insights Volume 3

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Home-Basing Insights Volume 4

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The Modern Family

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Community Quickpoll Flash Report

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Healthy Eating Quickpoll Flash Report

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Camping Quickpoll Flash Report

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CBD Quickpoll Flash Report

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Data Solutions: What Makes Our Data Unique?

Meet your campaign objectives in a creative yet strategic way with our Trusted Data Solutions. It all starts with content inspired by everyday people and ends with detailed insights gathered from how the content is consumed and shared. The insights inform the direction of our content at the user’s most critical positions in their journey. Our solutions will identify targeted sets of user behaviors and demographics who have distinct purchasing habits to help guide content creation and campaign goals.

Consumers are active participants in our data — they are inspired to act by our content.

The majority of our traffic comes from search, giving us insight into what consumers want in the moment.

We’re brand-safe — our content is thoroughly vetted and approved.



Profile of Bonnie Kintzer

Bonnie Kintzer

Chairwoman & Chief Executive Officer

Profile of Beth Tomkiw

Beth Tomkiw

Chief Creative Officer

Profile of Cameron Saless

Cameron Saless

Chief Business Officer

Profile of Jen Tyrrell

Jen Tyrrell

Chief People Officer


Kanuj Malhotra

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Marty Moe

President, TMB

Profile of Michelle Korchinski-Ogden

Michelle Korchinski-Ogden

Chief Marketing Officer

Giving Back

The legacy of philanthropy has been a part of TMB since the Reader’s Digest Foundation was founded in 1938. Company founders Lila Acheson Wallace and DeWitt Wallace established the Foundation based on their strong belief in the importance of helping others. Today, it is dedicated to improving children’s literacy and educational success, and to empowering Trusted Media Brands employees to give back and volunteer in their communities.

In addition to the foundation, TMB has multiple programs designed to enrich the communities where our employees live and work all across the US. Our annual Day of Caring Program encourages colleagues to volunteer to help their local communities, our Holiday Helping Hands Program helps underserved communities with shopping, wrapping gifts and more during the holiday season, and our partnership with Feeding America helps raise awareness and build a brighter, food-secure future by telling stories of community members working to combat hunger.


We expect our employees and vendors to maintain the TMB’s high standards and to conduct business in a lawful and ethical way. We have adopted codes of conduct embodying these principles. See our Employee Code of Conduct, and our Vendor Code of Conduct for more information.

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