Poke My Heart is a feel-good family brand powered by life's everyday moments.

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Content is consumed and enjoyed by parents, families and anyone who seeks a daily dose of entertaining positivity. Poke My Heart brings together the most heartwarming, inspiring and uplifting moments to motivate and energize viewers, and confirm the power of joy.


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Growing monthly views of uplifting videos posted on social media proves the positive effect of Poke My Heart content.


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Our engaged user-base is committed to seeking joy and positivity.


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Followers who regularly engage with the brand underscore the effectiveness of happy, well-delivered video content.

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In a world where social media has become the axis on which most things spin, it's more important than ever that positive and inspiring content has a presence online. Poke My Heart is all about encouraging active participation in spreading happiness and warmth — it's an antidote to the negativity that can easily be found on social media. The aim is to show audiences that cheerful content can be spread just as quickly as the snarky stuff, and that there are plenty of people who gain far more from life-changing and uplifting videos, both in submitting them and in consuming them.

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