WeatherSpy is reinventing the way we perceive and watch Mother Nature unfold.

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From unpredictable climates and unbelievable natural landscapes to adrenaline-inducing outdoor adventure sports and challenging jobs that must get done come rain or shine, WeatherSpy is the go-to outdoor channel on OTT and CTV for streaming live weather action.


year-over-year viewership growth

A boom in viewers affirms the interesting and compelling nature of weather-related videos submitted by real people.


monthly minutes viewed

We're reaching a new generation of digital consumers interested in the weather through our premier status on streaming TV.


monthly social video views

Incredible acts of nature stop the scroll, captivating millions of social media users daily.

Audience Reach

Monthly Average


74 Million

Minutes Viewed

WeatherSpy turns acts of nature — and related outdoor adventuring — into exhilarating entertainment. With live and on-demand content for the streaming generation, WeatherSpy puts the "awe" in awe-inspiring, with series curated from real-life clips captured by people experiencing firsthand the power of Mother Nature unleashed. Special effects magic? There's no need for that — WeatherSpy footage is the real deal, making our stories especially compelling and urgent amid climate change.

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