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With scientifically-backed and medically-reviewed advice, The Healthy provides readers with information and real-life stories they can rely on in making informed choices about the best ways to improve their own well-being.



Millions of people search for reliable health information every day. The Healthy is there, with trusted, expert-reviewed articles and guidance.


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The Healthy compiles stories from people on transformative health journeys, sharing them as inspiration and motivation for others who seek to make lifestyle changes of their own. Home to hundreds of articles on today's most pressing health and wellness topics, as well as solution centers that provide valuable and actionable advice, The Healthy is an antidote to the frustration people feel over conflicting health information on the internet. With a team of healthcare experts vetting every story, The Healthy serves as a reliable bridge between the web and the healthcare community, filling the trust gap for readers and the brands who want to reach them.

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