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From personality-driven programs, topical storytelling and a fresh perspective on web and pop culture, This Is Happening prides itself on staying current and has become a one-stop-shop for the curious user seeking funny memes, trending videos and unique digital trends.


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Social media has an indisputable power to define the zeitgeist. With millions of video views, This Is Happening is an influential leader.


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A growing social fan base and following means more people are seeking funny, fascinating and in-the-moment entertainment.


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Creative viral video connects millions of people around the world through shared interests.

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This Is Happening encourages people to embrace life for all its fascinating, quirky and compelling moments. We curate videos with the highest viral potential and share them with our vast online audiences in hopes of sparking curiosity and inspiring people to lead big, full fantastic lives. This Is Happening's videos underscore that extraordinary events are happening all around us and, when shared, this content has the power to unite us through the emotions that make us all human.

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